Pick Your Own Loads

You're In The Driver's Seat

As an Owner Operator with Quality Carriers, you can enjoy the freedom of running your own business, with the support of the industry leader. We offer access to the largest liquid bulk trucking network in North America, equipment discounts, and business services to help you run your business.

Success at Your Fingertips

The QC load board allows YOU to PICK YOUR LOADS!

You have the ability to select and manage the loads that you haul. This allows you to maximize your compensation and manage your load selection in accordance with your available hours of service. Putting the control at your fingertips.

Our dispatch team is here to assist you, so you are not alone!

How It Works


You manage your HOS (hours of service).


You get access to all the available loads through our open dispatch board.


You build your trip plan – controlling your plans.


Plan your trips 7-10 days out, 3 loads into the future. Maximize your compensation.


Using ISAAC to manage your trips and loads. - We give you access to the technology to help you plan.

Additional Benefits

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