Quality Bulk Logistics

On Time Every Time

Quality Bulk Logistics is your one-stop-shop for your logistics needs, including tendering, coverage (internal or external assets), tracking, invoicing and more. With over 3,000 asset power units, 2,700 non-asset units, 8,000 trailers, and over 100 terminals across the continent, we are ready to meet any need and demand surge. QBL provides the resources and expertise of a national shipping network to every market across North America and stands ready to make sure your shipment arrives on time every time.

Chemical Shipping Simplified

Chemical Distributors, chemical manufacturers, raw material users and producers trust QBL with shipping their product across North America. Whether you’re importing bulk liquid chemicals from down the road or shipping a full tank across the continent, our team of industry-leading experts will be with you every step of the way to make sure your delivery is timely and economical.    

Renowned Logistics Experts

Through our national network of terminals and third party carriers, QBL has capacity to meet your every need. Our team prides itself on proactive communication, on time performance, and industry-leading customer service.

QBL maintains additional capacity through QC’s terminal network, which allows us to react to last minute issues to recover a shipment. We have an extensive carrier base, product knowledge, and types of equipment to provide a solution to every case.

Our Modes

Liquid Bulk

Work with the best in the industry to move your product 

Dry Bulk

Economically and reliably send smaller loads across the continent.

Dry Van/Full Truck

Cross the final miles of your journey with confidence.


Ground, rail, air or sea, we’ll find the most effective way to ship your cargo.

Our Services


“As a Responsible Care partner, QBL (QC) has a top notch environmental team along with 24/7 emergency response services should something unexpected happen in-route with any shipment

Drop Trailer

Our vast network means you don’t need to rely on a single driver for your service and allows you to unload at your convenience as you need product.


Our team includes locations in the USA, Canada and Mexico and is extremely familiar with international shipping.  We have well established partnerships with Mexico carriers and Canada affiliates with over 20 years of experience in international shipments and the ability to track shipments beyond the border.