Intermodal Work

Quality Carriers Introduces QC Intermodal, A New Lane For Drivers

Quality Carriers has launched QC Intermodal, a new business that will supplement our long-standing chemical transportation trucking operations. As we introduce this new business, we’re ushering in immediate new opportunities for local drivers.

Growing Opportunities

QC Intermodal is the result of our company’s acquisition by CSX in July of 2022. The new intermodal business offers Owner-Operators flexible schedules, local moves and more time at home. It’s the latest step in our integration of capabilities with CSX in an efficient and seamless way.

No Tanker, Hazmat or TWIC Certification Required

QC Intermodal operates with network efficiencies and minimal wait times. The expansive new 24-hour operation keeps trucks moving fluidly with the flexibility of day or night runs. As a result, there’s a choice of schedules to accommodate family time, preferred hours and personal priorities.

There’s also expedited processing without the need for Tanker, Hazmat or TWIC certification. Plus, our frequent orientation sessions help ensure fast onboarding and a quick start.

Want To Learn More About Intermodal Opportunities With QC?

If the intermodal driving jobs offered by Quality Carriers appeal to you, please call us. You can also apply online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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