On the Road with Randy: Sweet Carolin-A Recap

The “On the Road with Randy” tour was an inspiring journey through the heart of Quality Carriers’ operations. 

Randy's first stop was in Fayetteville

Randy’s first stop was in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where an eight-year-old terminal, born from a private fleet acquisition, buzzed with activity. Meeting the terminal staff, drivers, and mechanics, Randy was struck by their positivity and dedication. Hearing stories directly from the drivers, he felt the pulse of the operation, learning firsthand about their equipment and processes.

Next, Randy’s journey led him to Sanford, North Carolina. With its impressive full-service setup, Sanford’s terminal showcased five pull-through bays and an additional quick inspection bay. Randy met Samantha and her team and witnessed the transformation from an old, small building to a modern, expansive facility. This evolution allowed QC to provide top-notch service and attract skilled drivers and mechanics, marking Sanford as a world-class operation.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, the site had a rich history of adaptation—from a hurricane relocation center to a training hub. Randy joined an orientation session with new drivers, watching the impactful “Remembering Charlie” safety video. This session underscored the importance of safety, teaching drivers that accidents are preventable. The investment in safety and training paid off, ensuring QC’s reputation as one of the safest carriers.

Salisbury, North Carolina, brought back memories for Randy, who first visited the terminal 14 years ago. Managed by Mark and Brad, the terminal has undergone significant changes since 2022, transforming into a well-manicured, high-performing location. Randy was impressed by the new team members and their diverse backgrounds. Their stories of coming from various trucking companies highlighted their genuine appreciation for QC’s culture of safety and service.

Randy encountered a smaller yet crucial operation in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Once a tank wash, now primarily a drop yard, Spartanburg plays a pivotal role in QC’s network. Randy observed the intermodal equipment ready for dispatch to Atlanta. Conversations with drivers revealed positive feedback and challenges, giving Randy valuable insights. This stop emphasized QC’s commitment to making drivers feel safe, respected, and heard.

Randy's next stop was in Georgia

Finally, Augusta, Georgia, greeted Randy with familiar faces. Rashawn and his team excelled in maintenance operations, ensuring the fleet’s top condition. Randy spent time with Ozell, a driver with over 40 years of experience, and Mark Bost, who continued to manage maintenance after being an affiliate. Their expertise and dedication underscored the importance of skilled maintenance and experienced drivers in QC’s success.

Throughout the tour, Randy’s encounters with staff, drivers, and mechanics at each terminal revealed a common thread: a deep commitment to safety, service, and continuous improvement. The tour painted a vivid picture of QC’s operations, highlighting the genuine dedication of its team members and the company’s resolve to listen and adapt to their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Quality Carriers ensure the safety of its drivers?

Quality Carriers invests in driver safety through comprehensive orientation programs, impactful safety videos like “Remembering Charlie,” and maintaining high standards for equipment and training. This ensures drivers are well-prepared and aware of safety practices.

What role does training play in Quality Carriers’ operations?

Training is a crucial part of Quality Carriers’ operations. Comprehensive orientation programs, ongoing safety training, and continuous education ensure that all team members are trained with the skills and knowledge to perform their roles safely and effectively.

How does Quality Carriers maintain its fleet and equipment?

Quality Carriers maintains its fleet and equipment through regular maintenance schedules, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated maintenance teams at each terminal, ensuring all vehicles and equipment are in top condition for safe and efficient operation.

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